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Which Breast Surgery Should You Opt for Wearing the Perfect Look?

Which Breast Surgery Should You Opt for Wearing the Perfect Look?

Which Breast Surgery Should You Opt for Wearing the Perfect Look?

Breasts constitute the most private and intimate body part of a woman that accounts for her overall body look and confidence. Therefore, the decision to opt for surgical procedures, remains extremely critical and personal. Before planning breast surgery, you must develop a detailed understanding of the surgical interventionswhile considering the range of alternatives available. Meanwhile, its important to consider multiple factors before choosing the type of breast surgery to be performed such as the size and shape of breasts, the extent of drooping or sagginess, overall health conditions, set of expectations and purpose of the surgery.

The article will discuss types of breast surgery and its respective outcomes:

Breast Augmentation

This procedure helps to scale the breast size while also restoring the breast volume that has been worn out with aging, pregnancy or weight instability. It uses implants sourced from saline or silicone depending on one’s requirement and preference. Saline implants are filled with saltwater whereas silicone implants are made up of silicone gel. Every option comes with pros and cons which is why its extremely crucial to consult with the surgeon about the right procedure based on the body type and aesthetic goals. However, the procedure takes not more than 1-2 hrs after being put under general anaesthesia. The surgeon makes one incision at one area- either under the breast, in the armpit or around the areola. Then a pocket is created for the implant which is either below or above the pectoral muscle. After that, the implant is inserted into the pocket followed by covering the incision.

Breast reduction

Known by the name of reduction mammoplasty, the procedure helps to cut down the size or heavy and extensively large breasts which in turn reduces the subsiding physical discomforts like neck and back pain in women. Those who want to reduce the breast size for cosmetic reasons also go for the option. The surgery takes upto 2-3 hrs through which the extra skin and fat is removed from the breasts. The rest of the tissue is then reshaped to lend a proportionate look to the body.

Breast Lift

The procedure is used to add firmness to saggy breasts and is also called mastopexy. If your breasts have faced certain changes due to various factors like aging, maternity, weight fluctuation or heredity, breast lift can address such problems. The surgery removes extra skin and tightens the remaining skin to account for a younger look. The procedure is carried out under general anaesthesia and takes 2-3 hrs. An incision is made in one place based on the body structure and the extent of lift expected.

Breast reconstruction

It is performed post mastectomy or breast removal to restore the appearance of breasts. However, those undergoing breast cancer treatment usually go for this procedure to preserve the breast shapes and hence regain the confidence.


Prior to opting for a specific procedure, one must book a detailed consultation session with a board -certified and expert cosmetic surgeon as it important to understand the requirements and the best option to meet such goals. Accordingly, the surgeon will suggest the ideal technique after checking one’s medical history.

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