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4 Reasons Why a Mommy Makeover Can Be Your Best Choice

4 Reasons Why a Mommy Makeover Can Be Your Best Choice

4 Reasons Why a Mommy Makeover Can Be Your Best Choice

Motherhood comes with several challenges and aggravations that change the way of looking at things, and shuffle life’s priorities leaving behind a considerable impact on physical appearance. Starting from unexpected weight gain to disproportionate loosening of skin around the abdomen, the discrepancies in the body that arise during pregnancy are immense. However, the bare reality is diet and exercise can’t simply help to get back to the previous form at any cost. For that, breakthrough and advanced cosmetic surgeries have come up.

Mommy makeovers can be carried out in specific areas of the body or more than one area to regain the actual shape and so the self-confidence associated with it. While these procedures are usually performed in the abdomen and breasts, other body parts can also be addressed with them. The range of treatments includes:

• Breast augmentation, lifting, and reduction
• Butt augmentation
• Tummy tuck
• Arm lifting
• Liposuction
• Thigh lifting

1. Breast

During pregnancy, the breast is one of the primary body parts that undergo changes as it gets prepared to produce milk. On the other hand, the extra fat deposition due to weight gain and changes in hormones results in excessively large breasts. Post pregnancy,while breasts might retrieve their previous size, the skin remains loose and saggy. That said, a breast lift procedure can help to restore the breast shape without any hassle.

2. Abdomen

In pregnancy, a woman’s body parts undergo several changes to support the healthy growth of the fetus. This leaves a long-term impact in the abdominal areas due to skin stretching. Meanwhile, abiding by a proper diet and exercise schedule fail to get rid of the extra fat and tissue post pregnancy. Given the situation, cosmetic treatments like a full abdominoplasty followed by liposuction procedure can address the unusual fat deposition, get rid of the loose skin near the lower abdomen, and put back the abdominal wall.

3. Legs

Most women tend to store extra adipose tissue in the areas surrounding the thigh. Higher in fat, they can be addressed with breakthrough plastic surgery interventions to lend improved shape to the thighs. At times, such tissues also appear in the area below the knee up to the ankle where a mommy makeover can be the best option to fit the needs.

4. Butt

Women after pregnancy might retain fat tissues around the buttock areas that can be addressed with buttock augmentation procedures like tissue equilibrium and lipo sculpturing.

The excess fat is used to lend volume to the buttocks for an improved bodily appearance with very less or no chance of scarring. The treatment aims to lift, tone, and fix the sagging skin in such areas.

How long does it take to heal from the procedure?

Mommy makeovers help to drive energy and self-respect after undergoing pregnancy. Since it’s a surgical procedure, it takes time to heal which is why you must consult a plastic surgeon to plan the procedure with an estimated downtime for recovery and therefore enjoy the best results.

Are you ready for a mommy makeover procedure?

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